ETHERO Truck + Energy welcomes John Griffin as Elkridge dealership Zero-Emissions Truck Sales Representative

Elkridge, MD (July 2023) – ETHERO Truck + Energy is delighted to announce the addition of John Griffin as the zero-emissions truck sales representative for the zero-emissions truck dealership and energy solutions provider’s Elkridge, Maryland location. John comes to ETHERO with 20 years of leadership and experience in all phases of dealer operations and is excited to join the team.

“Establishing the sales infrastructure in Elkridge represents a challenge that will allow me the chance to apply my years of expertise and knowledge to create something special here,” said John. “I envision a bustling dealership with 3-4 salespeople to cover our significantly large area of operations.”

The Elkridge dealership will offer sales and service of Nikola Corporation trucks and Lonestar Specialty Vehicles terminal tractors in Maryland, West Virginia, Delaware, and just south of the District of Columbia/Virginia state line. Other dealership locations include Mechanicsville, Virginia, and Stockton, California.

“John’s longtime automotive industry background and his insights on sales and dealer management make him a great addition to our team and an excellent resource for our Mid-Atlantic fleet owners,” said Dave Rogers, Director of ETHERO’s electric truck division. “Building up our operations with trusted professionals who can oversee a customer’s goals, whether that be to transition to zero emissions or expand their own infrastructure and help them come to fruition is key. It’s part of laying the foundation for the thriving electric truck ecosystem we’re molding with our industry partners on the West and East coasts.”

ETHERO is the exclusive Mid-Atlantic franchised dealership for Nikola battery-electric (BEV) and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and the designated distributor and servicing dealer for Lonestar SV battery-electric terminal tractors.