ETHERO is the Mid-Atlantic’s distributor with a full line of Nikola commercial semi-trucks, and is a service and parts provider for the following Nikola truck models:

Battery-Powered Trucks

TRE BEV is Nikola’s reimagined cabover for short-haul, metro-regional applications. With a range of roughly 330 miles and a battery capacity of approximately 733 kWh, TRE BEV delivers 645 continuous horsepower and achieves an 80% charge in 160 minutes.

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Hydrogen-Powered Trucks

TRE FCEV is Nikola’s hydrogen-powered cabover for longer or continuous metro-regional applications. Available in the second half of 2023, this model has a projected range of 500 miles, refuels in 20 minutes or less, and generates 536 continuous horsepower.

Electric Terminal Tractors

TX22 is Lonestar SV’s electric terminal tractor. With an estimated 20-hour run time and a battery capacity of 220kWH, the TX22 achieves full charge in approximately 120 minutes with a torque capacity of 2,035 lb-ft.

Electric Stripped Chassis

Harbinger’s scalable chassis, built in-house to support all popular medium-duty body types available today, is designed from the ground up to address the unique performance, durability, and lifespan expectations required of Class 4 to Class 6 vehicles.

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