Charging Stations

Q: What kind of charger is needed for electric tractors?
The Nikola TRE requires a DC fast charger and uses an industry standard CCS1 connector, making it possible to charge electric yard tractors, box trucks, and other commercial vehicles.

Q: How can I check to see if my facility has enough power for an electric vehicle charger?
Our charging experts will provide an on-site assessment and determine what is needed to get the right charging infrastructure to your facility.

Q: What size charger do I need for my BEV?
Our charging experts will size the charger based on the findings from their on-site assessment. For specific charging questions, please contact our solutions team.

Q: What is the pricing for DC fast charger installation?
Every charging station is different, which will require distinctive pricing for installation. To request a site assessment, please reach out to our solutions team.